This is why I need to FOCUS!


Hey, I’m back!

Four months of silence due to the fact that I haven’t been “F’d” up!


Focus fell off my vocabulary list somewhere around my last blog post. I went home to the United States after a year sabbatical and completely allowed focus and consistency to diminish. To my defense, I needed a break from the conservative, Muslim culture that I became very accustomed to so that I could unwind after a tumultuous, yet advantageous first year of living and teaching abroad.

I didn’t realize how much I truly missed home. So essentially, while back in the States,  I allowed focus to renounce its throne while I enjoyed myself and all things way too familiar. Believe me, I had every good intention to return to this space to narrate my experiences during my time at home, however, I wasn’t “F’d” up…shame on it all.

Although being home was extremely alluring and entertaining to say the very least, I knew that I still hadn’t allowed myself to stay focused on some of my previously committed interests such as blogging, reading, and writing, which for some reason I find quite effortless in the United Arab Emirates. Maybe due to a different lifestyle? Fewer distractions? I wasn’t oblivious to all the bounteous distractions that I dealt with over the past 30 something years because I became very comfortable. It wasn’t until I actually removed myself from that arena and moved out of the country that I realized my stance. Between the work life hustle, being a single mom and trying to maintain a social life, it was evident that purposeful and focused living was clearly not apart of my insight.

Moving forward: I am making an attempt to be more mindful of purpose and its place in my life, regardless of the distractions or situations that surface.

In retrospect, this post isn’t about a significant traveling adventure or my motivation to learn another language as much as it is an affirmation toward focus and consistency. I owe it to myself for once, right? I truly believe that there is someone who can benefit from the information and experiences I share. It may even be some form of inspiration or a catalyst to start truly living life more focused! Either way, I’m making it my business to strive toward a purposeful and focused mindset, including my commitment to this blog.

So, cheers to the infamous “F” word: focus. Therefore, I don’t mind one bit if I am a little “F’d” up. Remember, no matter the distraction, it’s never too late to focus on your purpose or the simple gratifications that ignite your fire!

Thank you for your visit!

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