Sometimes the sacrifice is well worth the trip…

Hey there!

I visited the States for the holidays. I needed to get away, connect with family and do a bit of reflection. Being away from home the entire year is already difficult so not being around for holidays is even worse. Since I managed to make it through the 14-hour flight and the high-priced ticket, I concluded that some things are well worth the sacrifice.

Christion getting ready to leave Abu Dhabi! On the way to Chicago!

Christion getting ready to leave Abu Dhabi! On the way to Chicago!

O'Hare Airport-Chicago

O’Hare Airport-Chicago

The first leg of my stateside trip: Chicago! There is no place like home, however, I can’t seem to get over the windy city’s weather. It’s been my home for my entire life …but after experiencing the weather in the UAE, I cant seem to adjust! Any which way you look at it, spending time with family trumps any cold day.

Chicago Skyline on a very dreary winter day

Chicago Skyline on a very dreary winter day

BBQ Chicken Noodle dish...

BBQ Chicken Noodle dish…


My cousin LaTrese and I at Yusho…a new Japanese restaurant in Hyde Park in Chicago!



Now I’m on the second leg of my trip: Vegas! I would definitely consider this my second home stateside. This is my first winter in Vegas and it’s surprisingly chilly but the landscape is absolutely amazing! I am in awe at God’s beauty. In the meantime, I spent time with my dad and some friends. Great times.

What a beautiful Landscape! North Las Vegas!

The Mountains….Ahhhh North Las Vegas!

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate!

My first Christmas in Vegas!

My dad and I doing our favorite pastime: Bowling!


Next time you visit Vegas, go to the Wicked Spoon. It is an All you can Eat buffet with great selections. Its in the Cosmopolitan hotel on the strip. My friend Arreona and I had a great time there!


My sister from another mother-Camille and I having a ladies night out!



In a few more days and I head back overseas, to teach, live and experience life living my as an expat. I will appreciate this time away because who knows what the future may bring for my expat status. These next 6 months will be filled with a whirlwind of decisions as I determine whether or not I will continue my expat journey…I know right!

Before I left, we had to say our heart-felt goodbyes. Boy, was this hard….



Family: My cousin Evin and I


Family: My great aunt, my son and me.


Family: My sweet baby cousin and son!


Family: My mom!


Family: My sister Yolanda and my son!


Family: My sister Sherri and my son!


After our 13 hour flight from Chicago to Doha, Qatar, we waited patiently for our connecting flight to Abu Dhabi.



At last! We made it safely.

After reflecting a bit on this trip, I feel that sometimes you may need to make certain sacrifices, especially when children are involved if you are a single mother like myself. Either way, it was well worth the trip!


I hope YOU enjoyed your holiday season. Happy New Year!

Stay tuned for more posts in 2015!

2 thoughts on “Sometimes the sacrifice is well worth the trip…

  1. Tosha says:

    Thank you for the blog, it has really inspired me to continue going forward with my dream to work and live abroad. I am currently residing in Las Vegas as well and have friends in England where I will be relocating to next year. I too are a single mom of two and this was my major concern but with much prayer and thought, I decided to follow my dream. I wish you much success in your journey and stay blessed.


    • Ms. Black Expat says:

      Thank you, Tosha, for visiting my blog! Your words meant a lot to me. I’m so glad that my message, experience and testimonies can be an inspiration. I’m so excited to hear about your new adventures, too. I look forward to hearing more about your journey to the UK. Will you start a blog about it?


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