My hat goes off to Hatta!

Just a few weeks ago, I traveled to Hatta, Oman for a day trip. Wow! What a beautiful place. It’s amazing how the landscape of a country is so fascinating. On the way there, we stopped in route to take in the beautiful canvas along the road between Al Ain and Hatta. What a sight!


Let me share some very basic information about Hatta. The small, quaint town is situated about 115 km (71 mi) east of Dubai and is known for its historical sites such as the popular Heritage Village, two prominent military towers and the Juma Mosque.  Hatta visitors are attracted to these sites and also the abundant opportunities for camping in the mountains!

We had the opportunity to visit the Heritage Village, which illustrates how Hatta inhabitants used to live. It was very historical and seemed to be the main tourist attraction in the area. Outside of the tourist attractions, Hatta has traditional neighborhoods, schools and parks. It is very close to Dubai so I suppose some people move there because of the low cost of living. I saw a few “locals” as we drove around the area, trying to find our way back to the main road.

Here are pictures of the entrance to Heritage Village, a watch tower and a map, showing the proximity of Hatta to the UAE/Dubai border.



The Heritage Village sign at the entrance.


Watch Tower

Watch Tower

Here is a map of the Dubai/Hatta region and the UAE/Oman border.

Here is a map of the Dubai/Hatta region and the UAE/Oman border.


Once we went inside the “mock” village homes, this is what we saw:


My friend Devin looking at the display.

My friend Devin looking at the display.


After we perused the village homes, we headed up the mountain to get a view of the overall village. Amazing!


Then, we ended our evening with a barbeque in the mountains! This was my first time doing this. We had to prepare all the food and make a fire to cook the meat. It was very interesting but I definitely enjoyed the experience, especially the food! YUM!DSCF3653DSCF3651DSCF3647DSCF3646DSCF3655DSCF3654We barbequed at the top of the mountain. This is what I saw from atop:

DSCF3642DSCF3642DSCF3636DSCF3634DSCF3633DSCF3641So, if you are ever in the Dubai area, I would highly suggest visiting Hatta, Oman. It is absolutely beautiful and will illustrate the more traditional life style of the middle east that you won’t get in the city of Dubai. It was great to expose my son to a different perspective of the region as well. My friends also agreed that this place offered a different vibe than we are used to seeing. I truly enjoyed this day trip and will return very soon!


Until next time,

Happy travels!

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