It’s my 1 year blog anniversary!


Happy 1 year blog Anniversary!

Well, what do you know! A few days ago marked my official 1 year blog anniversary! I remember way back when, even before touching ground in the UAE, I toiled with the idea of whether or not blogging was going to be my way of communicating to the rest of the world what life was like as a single women of color living in the UAE. Well, it turns out that yes, I took that idea and created a blog because I knew that somebody could benefit from my experience. However, as you know, life can get busy and consumed with any and everything. Therefore, posting daily or even weekly blog posts fell way on the back burner. I decided not to burden myself with the worry of insufficient time to blog. Instead, I started realizing the importance of blogging and remembering my purpose for initiating it in the first place. Then, I began to visualize how I would appreciate my dedication in a couple of months or even years as I reflect back on why I decided to blog in the first place.


The initial purpose of this blog was to create a platform to share my experiences, nuances, challenges and breakthroughs of transitioning and living in the UAE and traveling to surrounding countries as a single mother of color in hopes to not only inspire others but to motivate myself to continuously strive for greatness as I reflect over all of my accomplishments thus far.

I have truly enjoyed sharing my experiences with the world and with those who may have stumbled upon this space. On occasion, I re-visit old blog posts and digest all that I have explored and experienced. I must say that I am in awe at the favor God has granted me.


Two years prior to entering into the blog world, I was in a horrendous relationship which left me feeling lost and confused, with little knowledge of what purpose really felt like. I knew that I wanted to do better and achieve more so in order for that to happen, drastic measures were needed. My drastic measure, although extremely risky at the time, allowed me to travel overseas to teach and explore the world at such a time as this.

Oh, I am so glad I did! I faced my fears and decided to plunge into a new life abroad. Around 10 months later, blogging became another big challenge and adventure in which I had to ignore those annoying fears and apprehensions against blogging and learn to be more transparent as I shared my experiences about life in the UAE and beyond.

My current situation

My chapter here in the UAE is ending. Yes, I found another job…overseas!  Why you ask? Well, let’s just say, I wanted to grow professionally. Now, this next position is really all about stepping out on faith because I feel that I am taking one of the boldest moves of my life by myself. Blogging over these next few months, giving meticulous insight on my move, will be imperative to my reflection a year from now simply because of the intensity of my transition during this “stepping out on faith” period in my life.

So, stay tuned and I will share with you this very exciting news!

Motivation and Encouragement

Until then, be blessed and know that YOU are highly favored. Continue to strive forward toward your ultimate goal and remember, nothing is impossible. Have faith and believe that you have a purpose and calling and your time is NOW!

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