So you want to teach abroad? Here are 4 things to consider…

Hey there! Welcome back!

Can you believe it! I ACTUALLY started making You Tube videos….Yikes! I don’t know why it takes so much gut to get in front of the camera and share. Either way, I did it so I wanted to share with YOU!

In the video, I talk about 4 things to consider when searching for a teaching job abroad. Now, obviously, these aren’t the only things to consider, however, they are important factors.

The 4 things I discuss are:

  • Independent thinking
  • Research
  • Marketing yourself
  • Application process

So, watch my You Tube video and let me know what you think!

Thank you for your support!

Until next time, be blessed!

P.S. (I think this is the shortest blog post ever)!


8 thoughts on “So you want to teach abroad? Here are 4 things to consider…

  1. Janice says:

    Ms. Black Expat:
    I have decided to move to the UAE and presently in search for a reputable, creditable, and highly experienced teacher recruitment firm. I am a US citizen born and raised. Currently, I work as a certified math & special Ed teacher in New Jersey and New York having obtained my Permanent license in both states. I have about 3 years of teaching experience, Ivy League graduate, New York City Teaching Fellow with a Masters of Science in Teaching plus additional graduate credits which would be equivalent to a PH.D for certain school public school districts in my area. All of my teaching experience has been in urban minority socio-economically disadvantaged communities. I am a 55 year old African-American female with no children or husband. I transitioned from Corporate America/Wall Street working as Accountant/Proj. Manager /Strategist/Auditor/ Business Systems Analyst where I have about 20+ years of experience. This is just a short list of my skill set.

    I would like to move for the next upcoming school year beginning 2017-2018. I have done internet searches, but not sure who I should work with in terms of a recruitment firms or the best opportunity for me as a African-American woman, culturally and educator, professionally. I understand that age is also a factor with some countries. For the UAE, 60 is the limit. So as you see I have a small window of time.

    I totally agree to research, research, research. So I enlist your help. Do you have any advice!!


    • Ms. Black Expat says:

      Hey Janice! Thank you so much for comment. You have a wealth of experience and I’m sure that something will come out of it. Have you ever thought about consulting teachers overseas or being an administrator? There is always a high demand in those areas. With the UAE, it is a tricky bag with the age because they have so many restrictions. However, because of the high frequency of teachers, consultation may be a lucrative option for you. What do you think?


      • Janice Reaves says:

        Greetings Ms. Black Expat:
        I haven’t thought of that route. This is why I reached out to you as I need advice/suggestions. In NJ/NY area as a certified public school teacher one needs a minimum of 5 years if class room experience plus additional graduate school work to work as an administrator. As you can see here in my area, I am a short of the requirements. So how would I go about securing a position in the UAE-Dubai or Abu-Dhabi either as a regular class room teacher or a consultant or administrator?
        Can you tell me more about Consulting teachers abroad or being an administrator?

        Thanks for responding so quickly and I look forward to hearing from you.

        With Kind Regards,



      • Ms. Black Expat says:

        Honestly, Janice, I looked at all your experience and a consultant popped in my mind. Now, for me, I went through Teach Away to obtain my position, however, there are so many other ones out there. Try Now, with the consulting opportunity, I think it would be something you would start on your own. You have to identify the demographic and market focus, target countries and purpose of your consultation. Once that’s confirmed, you can start marketing your business. Whether jobs like this exist in the UAE, I’m not sure which is why I suggested you start your own. You could start from the states and use it as an opportunity for you to have ties to the UAE since most of your potential clients will be located there.

        I thank you for reaching out to me. These are just a few ideas. I am learning as I go as well so if I find anything else, I’ll let you know! Be blessed and best wishes for your next fulfilled opportunity abroad!


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