A special thank you message to all my followers!

I want to personally thank each and every reader of this blog. Because of your visits, likes, views and follows, I continuously stay encouraged and keep pushing along on this arduous yet totally rewarding writing journey. Honestly, 2015 has been quite a journey in my life, rife with challenges, triumphs and new beginnings. I, however, decided to share with the rest of the world in hopes to encourage, inspire, motivate and help someone else.

 Let’s face it: Writing is hard. If you are a writer, you completely understand this pragmatic yet very logical statement. What makes blog writing even harder for writers especially is the fact that we bravely present our thoughts, experiences, ideas, musings and meticulous works to a mysterious audience, leaving a risk for criticism, scrutiny and negative commentary.  I am humbly grateful to have very consistent, patient and supportive onlookers. Thanks!

Wait! Don’t get me my message misconstrued. I immensely enjoy sharing, posting, venting and exploring in this space. Regardless, I still write because it is the force within me. It is because of you that I continuously record, share and blog about my life as I know it…abroad.

thank you

In 2016, expect to receive more and more consistent blogging from me. My blogs will delve more into:

  • My personal story/testimonies as a single mother abroad
  • Struggles with being away from my son for 1 year
  • Experiences as an African-American woman in Uganda
  • African romance (Oh my)!
  • 2016 travel destinations
  • Travel inspiration and more…

More people need to be aware that yes, there are adventurous, melodramatic, inspirational, African-American single mother travelers like myself out there.

Please, I encourage you to keep striving for whatever that “IT” factor is in your life, be it travel, entrepreneurship, romance, writing-whatever.

Do- what- makes -you- happy!

Continue to inspire others and fulfill the dream that’s bottled up inside just dying get out to scream “IM HERE” to the rest of the world (your dream, that is). 🙂

Also, I plan on collaborating with other bloggers and travel sites to gain more exposure, writing practice and experience. I’ll definitely keep you posted on those insightful networking opportunities because we could all use a little love, right?

Again, thank you for your positive energy in this space. It means so much! I hope that you continue to read, read and read more of my musings about my life as I know it! #blogliferocks

Until next time, Happy New Year!

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