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I’m finally back in Kampala after a 2.5 week hiatus in the States. Homebound to Chicago  was my destination. I really needed that trip, primarily to connect with home, regroup and most importantly, to see my son. It seems like such a long time since my last post. Between the goodbye cries with my son, 20 hour flight itineraries, jet lag grogginess and immediate, full-time responsibilities in the classroom, I just didn’t seem to find the time to share my blog worthy content, life happenings, holiday musings, etc.  So, at this point, if my home for the holidays trip is beyond your interest, watch this instead. In this video, I share why I am finally over holiday drama! I bet you’ll find it quite amusing.  However, my  hope is that you continue reading to the end and become a return visitor, subscriber and all that jazz! Speaking of, make sure to subscribe to my You Tube channel. Ok, time to share…


Just in case your wondering, my time in Chicago was nothing short of amazing. Not only did I have a chance to surprise my son at school, we also had plenty of opportunities to hang out for that priceless mommy and son time.


Make sure to check out this video to see the surprise of a lifetime…well my lifetime, that is.

I tell you, so many things can happen in 4 months. The boy is so much taller, patient, wiser and such a gentleman.



By no means am I saying that he didn’t have those traits prior to leaving me, however, othersuch as his father and my family, helped to influence his self-esteem, character and boldness.


I’m totally digging who he is becoming and I totally agree with the old adage, it truly takes a village to raise a child. Read my latest tribute to good fathers and learn more about my challenges and triumphs regarding the distance between my son and I.


My little lego fanatic!

I spent the majority of time with family and met up with a few unexpected people along the way. As a mere observation, it’s funny how the people you don’t plan to see some how cross your path and the ones you planned for don’t work out. I’m finding that as the years pass and my ideologies change, I’m less bothered by the hype of coordinating visits, especially during this trip since Christion was my top priority.

IMG_2729 IMG_2733 IMG_2745

While home, I had a chance to see different family members, hang out at local eateries(no food pictures)aaaaannnnnd attend a bulls game! Go Red!

family christmas 12_24.JPG

Red Lobster is an absolute must!


My nieces and my son!


Family time at the game!



Go, Bulls!



Although home was great, it strongly remined me of why I left in the first place. I need and appreciate my OWN space. Sharing the same living quarters with your parents, an anal sister and an 8-year old son can be a huge adjustment, however, it’s family and it sure beats a hotel stay anyday. By the way, hotel stays should never happen since I have a gazillion family, friends and associates in the Chicago metropolitan area. Either way, my apartment in Kampala was calling my name so I took heed. Kampala!


Reflections are always great. Speaking of reflections, I received some devastating news immediately after returning to Kampala. My aunt Mae, who was like a grandmother to me, passed away a day after I left. I was hurt by this news as she was the oldest family member. I’ve always admired her strength, resilience and lively spirit. As with anyone, a loss can be extremely difficult, especially since I couldn’t be there to help comfort the family.  I haven’t quite gotten over the fact that I was unable to return to the States for the services due to the exorbitant cost of the flights. In addition to losses, I’ve missed births, weddings and other memorable milestones due to my geographical location.  This is just one of the harsh realities I constantly find myself adjusting to since becoming an expat. In my spirit, I know that she is resting well and in a much better place. Thank you, Lord for giving me the opportunity to visit with her during my time in Chicago. I’ll love you always and you will surely be missed, Aunt Mae.


Rest well, Aunt Mae

Now that I’m back on this side of God’s green earth, my game face is on. I give my self 6 months. For what, you ask? Well, let’s just say I’m going to put my faith into action and start utilizing my skills, purpose and know how to make some moves around here toward a few projects I’ve had boggled around in my mind for sometime now. I’m  so very proud because I’ve nearly blown myself away at my newfound innovative spirit that has relinquished itself into my reality over the past 3 years. I tell you, for a previous shy girl like myself who never knew what purpose was until it slapped me in the face, I’m seeing the benefits of this incredulous motivation and how it’s prompting me to do some amazing things (beyond just traveling). Honestly, I think it has a lot to do with moving across the world on a hope and a dream…

I‘ll share these amazing feats/projects in due time so make sure you stay locked to this blog! First things first,  I need to start by doing, believing and trusting the vision…my vision. I propose the same affirmation to you. Life is about what you make it and what kind of step you put forward. Whatever you do, make sure you do it with confidence and trust in God. What I’ve learned from previous experiences is to take one step at a time, plan accordingly and work toward the end result daily. I know it sounds extremely cliche’ but it’s a fact. Geesh, I can’t tell you how many projects I’ve started but didn’t finish on account of fear and discouragement, which ultimately prevented me from fulfilling my journey on purpose. I digress, live and learn. That’s life.


Stay blessed, good people!

Until next time, stay well traveled and love on yourself daily!

God bless and Happy New Year again!


It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t post a random cat picture. Hey, he’s family, too! Hi Tate!



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