A new project idea…chats with the Ms.

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to speak with two young Ugandan girls during my completely random visit to the Bahai Temple right here in Kampala. The Bahai temple is the only one of its kind on the continent. Read all about it if you are as clueless as I was before I actually did more research.

So, on this particular day, my intention was to shoot a video for my BYBS Talk Series but God had another plan. So, as I was in the process of filming, the two girls approached me and initially asked if I was recording my voice. They observed me from a slight distance and could see me speaking into the camera. I kindly told them that I was actually shooting a video and asked if they wanted to see it. They were immediately interested and excited at the offer. So, the next thing I know is that they were comfortably sitting next to me on my  blanket pad in the middle of the grass. The inquisitive glances coupled with the beautiful sunshine motivated me to take the opportunity to inspire and uplift this next generation of leaders, game changers and wisdom seekers.  Thank God for “right time, right place” moments.

So, I asked them if I could capture our conversation for my video series on You Tube. Once again excited, they shook their heads in agreement as I adjusted my camera settings. The girls and I had a pretty good conversation which focused on everything from school to career and words of inspiration. It was really uplifting to hear them share their stories, interests and future plans. I’ve actually been seeking organizations focused on young girls which would allow me to do either motivational speaking, volunteering or some other initiative. If I can’t find, maybe I’ll consider starting something on my own. The issue with that concept is that God only knows how long I have left in Uganda. That’s another blog topic.

What I enjoyed most was that I was able to inspire them to think outside of the box, imagine their future and believe in themselves.  I’m not looking for a pat on the back nor a standing ovation, however, I do want to share my experiences and how I am choosing to live my life in a more productive and innovative way here in Kampala.

This idea actually sparked something more. In the past few weeks, its been in the plans to interview people in and around Kampala. With locals being my focus, I want to start interviewing people who are innovative and inspirational along with others who want to present challenging opinions and perspectives. This is just ONE of my project goals in Kampala as I consider how I can use my time more productively and efficiently here.

So, watch the short clip below and let me know what you think. Please don’t hesitate to follow me on You Tube as I document more of my up close and personal experiences as a Black American woman living in Uganda. Also, stay updated on my blog as I continue to document other interesting conversations.

Until next time- Be blessed. Inspire others. Live your life!


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