Advantages to raising black children abroad

Are you considering a move overseas?

Better yet, are you a single mother who is considering a move overseas…perhaps with your child(ren)? If so, let me share a few of the advantages that I’ve personally experienced during the time my son lived with me in the United Arab Emirates. Possibly, you can relate to some of my same theories in regards to your own child(ren). Let’s see!

A broader perspective on life

Kids need exposure. Keeping them in the same environment  is limiting their ability to grow and is damaging to their potential. A different perspective on the world  not only increases their understanding  but gives them an upper advantage in this increasingly competitive and global society.


I firmly believe that children should have the opportunity to find out how other parts of the world learn, create, communicate and discover. Additionally, it would be great if they could take those familiar curiosities and discover the differences in languages, foods, cultural changes and traditions. Change your mind, change your life!


It’s time that we become sensitive to what our children are being exposed to and give them a much brighter future than we had. We can’t determine their growth based on our own limitations. Our children deserve a fair chance in a world that constantly tells them NO.



 Travel opportunities

Living overseas increases their opportunities for travel. Geographically speaking, they are able to travel easier and more affordable to places in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and more. Matter of fact, even if you don’t have the opportunity to relocate abroad, there are still many opportunities to travel frequently. The exposure in itself, regardless of where you are traveling from, shows children a different side of life as well as increases their sense of belonging.  Oh, and traveling is not only more affordable and easier, it also opens up more opportunities for them to visit famous sites such as one of the 7 wonders of the world. Moms, keep multiplying those passport stamps!



In some cases, the school environment can be so much better than the public education systems in the predominately minority neighborhoods in the inner cities of America. Unfortunately, there is still a vast majority of schools with a lower quality of performance, support and quality compared to other communities with Caucasian children.

In my current international school, the education quality is definitely challenging for the children. However, what I like most is the diversity and the intercultural connections. Due to the wide range of nationalities represented, my  school does an awesome job in celebrating diversity through various extracurricular activities, monthly drama performances, international day celebrations and more.


On the other hand, I have had some really horrible experiences with schools internationally. I won’t taint this message with negative reflections because that’s not my focus. Make sure to stay tuned because I plan on highlighting some of the disadvantages of moving overseas with your child.  On a lighter note, most people that I know have great experiences with schools abroad. An added bonus- depending on what country you decide to move to, the tuition is usually free.



I think African-American children develop a better sense of who they are when they travel. I think that seeing children of other races makes them more self-aware. For example, they can identify with other children from all over the world in a sense of having some of the same interests, likes, dislikes and quandaries but can also be confident in who they are, brown skin and all.

My son is proud of who he is in a world that constantly tells him he is not worthy due to the color of his skin. I feel that in most international school settings, children don’t treat each other with the negative stigma that black, white, yellow or polka-dot is a problem. In the States, however, things are still very segregated. For instance, I don’t necessarily like the fact that my son doesn’t have any diversity in his current public school 3rd grade classroom more than likely becuase of his exposure overseas.



A brighter future 

Language, exposure, experiences and insight are all great assets to possess in this globalized society. If your children have experienced living or travel abroad, their world has automatically expounded to become more than it was before. It opens their world, broadens horizons, allows them to use critical thinking skills and even increases their self-confidence and esteem. They are fearless and powerful and are bound to surpass the expectations of any prior limitations set before them.

I believe it and receive it for yours, mine and ours! Let’s unify and uplift our community of leaders. Are you ready?


I leave you with this…

If you are indeed considering a move abroad with your child, I definitely say go for it! I don’t think that you will regret the experience or your decision. Although times were very difficult in some instances, I can honestly say through my reflections, both of the negative and positive experiences have enlightened and enhanced his life more than if I would have stayed in our suburban neighborhood 20 minutes outside of Chicago!

Stay tuned for my next blog as I feature some of the disadvantages to bringing your children abroad!

Until next time, stay blessed and highly favored!



4 thoughts on “Advantages to raising black children abroad

  1. Kevin Carter says:

    Hi Ms black expat, my sister!!! I hope everything is ok with you and your child dealing with the flood. I couldn’t find anything on your channel about it, so I decided to look you up and make sure you guys are ok. Praying for you and your loved one my sister.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ms. Black Expat says:

      Hey Kevin! First off, thank you for your support! I am fine. The flood didn’t effect us here in Uganda but thank you for checking on me. I really appreciate that. Be blessed and thank you for watching, reading and supporting.


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