So I decided…

Bringing my son has been the topic of conversation in my head for the last 6 months or so. Yes, at times, I do talk to myself, who doesn’t?

Honestly speaking, I try to channel those thoughts to God, however, I’m human so I slip at times.

Maybe it’s not meant for him

Initially, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that I wanted Christion to come to Uganda with me, however, after time flew by this year and I quietly reconsidered not bringing him for various reasons. The primary reason was that I didn’t want to move him away from family. Family is so important these days. With all that is going on, we truthfully need each other. Family doesn’t have to be limited to our blood, per say, but the people who support, love and show accountability among other things.

So, I realized my living conditions, lack of transportation, crowded environments and the fact that family would be at a distance may pose an extreme problem down the road with his stability, self-esteem and confidence.Oh my! So there I was toiling, contemplating and changing my mind 1,000 times until I got a headache…and I don’t get headaches.

Is it too much to ask: I just want the best for him.

Isn’t this what any parent wants? So I reflected on my life here in Kampala. Let’s see:

  • I work at a fairly decent school with excellent extra curricular programs and sports related activities
  • The cost of living is cheap
  • Oh, and let’s not forget all the advantages of being apart of continent living: abundance, prosperity, great weather, food, brown people and the whole vibe of being in Africa!

I took all of those thoughts into consideration and weighed them against my apprehensions of moving my son. I thought about the fact that:

We are living in a very globally minded society and in order for our children of color to triumph over those challenges, they must be logistically, mentally and emotionally prepared for their future experiences.

Why I reconsidered…

I thought about exposure. What does that look like for a young, black child from the inner city to move from a controlling environment  based on socio-economic standards and race into a world of limitless possibilities, despite what lies the white media tells us?

What if I told you that moving my son to Africa may actually  be the spark that he needs to enlighten his mind and inevitably change his future for the better? Christion has lived overseas before, however, I believe that his experience on the Continent will be richer, partially due to that fact that he will be in a country that accepts and recognizes his brown skin with respect as well as his ideas, perspectives and cultivating energy, even if our time is limited to 1 year.

Other countries that we’ve lived in or visited still try to imply the shady standards of European expectations on minorities. This further supports the reasoning behind the increasing growth of racism, control and manipulation (or colonization), ultimately forming a culture designed to keep black boys/men believing that they are doomed for failure and our black girls feeling “unpretty” and unworthy.

 Our black boys shouldn’t be subjected to the ideologies that lead them to believe that their value is less than a white persons or that their future is limited to prisons and working behind a fast food counter. No, sir.

As the New Jim Crow book so eloquently phrases it, our prisons are becoming integrated with too many of us for the wrong reasons. The system is designed to prevent them from functioning as active members of society which further manipulates power and control.

Our future generation must be equipped to combat and shame such ignorances.

After reading bits and pieces of The New Jim Crow book which is incredibly empowering by the way, I’m definitely convinced that our so-called United States is plotting a conspiracy against our black men in an attempt to confine them to that post slavery mentality.

Did you know our current and future black men are so powerful?

Moving my son to Africa temporarily for education, exposure and experience will allow him to take what he has learned to positively influence youth in and around our communities as well as encourage and inspire them to reach their greatest potential.

I realize that our black boys in the US need innovators, motivators and ambitious folks that represent them to set the tone and example. That’s why I’m so thankful for those leaders in our communities already and for others who have led the way. I want my son to be a leader one day…and in order to do that, I must allow him to grow and flourish past the Americanized standard of how things “should be” for blacks. Let’s get real…has this country ever benefited black folk?

My affirmations on taking Christion to Africa:

  • I will take Christion because of his future.
  • I will take Christion because of his potential to do great things.
  • I will take Christion with me to educate, enlighten and empower.
  • I  will take Christion for exposure, elevation and encouragement.
  • I will take Christion because I want to expose, eradicate negative influences and erase cycles of degradation.

Let’s unite,

uplift and understand that our purpose is NOW!

Until next time, reflect on your thoughts, purposes and reasons for being.




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