I’m back with my baby!

I’m back with my baby!!!


Thank you for all the well wishes, prayers and words of encouragement. I can’t believe we were away from each other for such a long time…but God is good and we back together and at it again.


Already, this summer has been chock full of “stuff”- family visits, sightseeing-you name it. I missed home and everything included. I will admit that some things definitely change but quite a bit of it remains the same.
Summer plans? Enjoying my time with my son, although he will return to Uganda with me, spending time with good people, partaking in enjoyable activities with family and friends, catching some sun and eating good food. Whatever it is, I plan to make the best of it.

After being in Kampala this past year and now having the opportunity to visit home, gives me a new outlook on how far I’ve come and the strength that I’ve gained during this rough patch. Returning for another year will be wrought with its own challenges and triumphs, however, just seeing where my life is today has enough victory within itself to stand alone.


Now, I’m off to the Chosen Few Chicago House Party picnic in Hayes Park. I’ll see you there!


Until next time, be blessed. (Short but sweet). ;-)


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