Rudi Giuliani’s insensitive comment/”Black Lives Matter is racist!”


This week, I heard Rudi Giuliani state that the Black Lives Matter movement is racist and emphasized his critique that all lives matter as his radical announcement that black folks are somehow irrelevant. Come on, the Mayor for the largest demographically diverse city? It looks like his panties are in a bit of a bunch! Get over it!

image of words for black lives matter

Let’s get this straight: Black lives that have been sadly taken on account of white, reckless police officers MATTER MORE at this point ( my perspective) because we are the target and have been so over the last few centuries, decades, years, days…however way you want to flip that coin.

#Black Lives Matter

police shooting

Look at the media and how the black lives matter agenda is obviously being degraded down to being just angry black folk protesting, especially in light of the recent killings.

#Black Lives Do Matter

Is it that whites feel that the black community deserves this treatment based on the consistent rhetoric in the media by racist, white politicians who undeniably showcase their hate towards us?

As you can see in every newscast, political analysis and opinionated blog post –

The overwhelming assumption is that black men especially are dangerous, harmful members of society who somehow deserve to be killed….ludicrous!

Didn’t you know that white people are scared of the Black Lives Matter movement because it signifies that we as a collective people are beyond tired and fully aware of the trickery that’s currently in our criminal justice system.

Their fear is an educated and empowered black man.

Killing us off is their mission to stop us from achieving greater in our communities. We can’t be stopped…from achieving greatness. No. Not I…and you, either!

#Black Lives Do Matter

We are aware and are proactively advocating for a positive change which will empower our communities so that justice will be served.

not all

I can write a dissertation on this very fact alone because of the magnitude of this epidemic and how it adversely affects our black males, communities and influence. I can write a book about how our Black men don’t seem to have a chance and how the system seems lopsided. I can go on and on…and I’m pretty sure you can, too about how Black Lives obviously don’t matter to the ones who are promoting this killing. These are the very ones who verbally say that the violence needs to stop but they are the main perpetrators! Oh, dear Gah!

What I will say is the Black Lives Matter movement is not a racist attempt to conquer and divide but more of a statement of reflection, change, activism and concern within our communities. It signifies the much-needed eradication of the backwards ass practices of our so-called U.S. Justice System.

#Black Lives Do Matter


It feels like a bad joke being played on us. No, it’s not the “woe is me” helpless speech. It’s almost like every time we take two steps up in terms of advocating for positive change, empowerment and improvement in our communities, the white man wants to steal that agenda, attempting to make us to take 3 steps back. We aren’t having that. Again…we are a step further than you think.

Look at Alton Sterling. He wasn’t doing anything other than selling C.D.s in front of a store, an act of gaining more financial support for his family.

alton sterlin

When a white man does this same act, there’s no problem. He is “hustling” as he would call it….you know the white man who has his pants hanging down…cultural appropriation? Stay in your own lane, buddy!

What about Philando Castile, the brother who was stopped for a broken tail light. Who’s to say he wasn’t on his way to get it fixed? Is it a crime? A minor traffic flaw but definitely not cause for a killing. So he tells you he has a gun. I repeat. He tells you. No. You react out of fear instead, taking that man’s life because you’re a coward.

philando castille

Who’s to blame?

All white cops can’t be labeled as malevolent creatures with guns, just like it’s unfair to label all black people as criminal offenders, however, that is the category that the white man has destructively placed black lives in. Is fair for blacks to place all white police officers in the same category? I think not.

#Black Lives Matter

 Obviously, some adjustments are needed in order to rectify this pattern of injustice. It extends past the racist cops…it goes to the systems that hire them and who are still actively in place, causing this extremely devastating epidemic within our communities to continue. #STOP

The wrong “faces” are being represented in our communities to “protect and serve.” These faces are the ones with the guns, murdering our brothers and sisters in cold blood as a result of cowardly fear and a desire for control.

I’m tired.

Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin and every black person who has been killed quite frankly for the color of their skin is exhausting AND extremely depressing to watch.

I feel for the families who have lost sons, daughters, fathers…mothers. I feel for the state of this country. Unity is needed. We can’t speak about it and not be about it. This is bigger than a hashtag…

I’m tired. We are tired.

Look at the live Face book posts related to the outrage or the numerous protests around the nation. Everybody wants justice served.

I said it best a few days ago on one of my social media posts: This is the New Jim Crow. This is a way for them to control us. Look at Mass Incarceration, employment discrimination, racial injustice and profiling-The list can go on and one.

new jim crow

One thing I know for sure is that we are NOT all as equal as we think.

I hate to see my people and our communities going through. The protests are valid but can be misconstrued. Instead of labeling protesters of all nationalities angry and dangerous, why not label them as concerned and educated advocates who are passionate for positive  and productive change?






I want this blog to become alive and interactive. My input goes so far, but it’s you that keeps me motivated to write and share my insights.

Thank you for watching and supporting! Until next time, be blessed and highly favored!

Oh, and check out my latest You Tube video on my verbal thoughts on raising my black son in this environment.


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