This school year will go like this…


Today was the first day back to school for teachers.

Truth be told is I’m really not ready for the 22nd of August since it’s the first day for actual students. Look here (*pulls glasses over nose…that’s if I had a pair),  after the previous year, I was a bit apprehensive about spending another year at this school. I mean after dealing with petty, white teachers, crazy assessments for days and parents who made me consider jumping out the window, I wasn’t looking forward to it.

No seriously though, I wouldn’t risk my life for some nonsense. They or “it” is not worth the headache. I will admit, I wasn’t the happiest this previous school year. In fact, although I appreciate the school and all of its offerings, the work relationships weren’t the best.

On a brighter note, I have a very strong feeling that things may be a heck of a lot better this year. Here’s why:

  • The petty white girls are gone; Well, most of them. The new teachers are also white but older and with more respect toward an intercultural workplace setting . (I’m definitely keeping in mind that looks are deceiving and people sure know how to play “the part”). I hate to make it a race thing but if you’ve ever worked at an international school, you know exactly what I’m talking about.
  • The school is moving toward a less abrasive assessment tracking system (Woo Hoo) Just imagine, I had to sit in a 6 hour workshop training today on this entire topic. 
  • I have 1 more year under my belt than last year.
  • I’m in a creative mood…I’m ready to lead some ish…
  • My class roster tells me that I only have 12 students in my class! I’ve NEVER had less than 20 students…EVER in my 7 years of teaching.
  • My son is here-point. blank. period.
    • NO, really though, now I can rest easy. I can breathe and enjoy my time here in Kampala without wondering how he is doing every 5.5 seconds of the day.
    • He will also attend school with me for the first time! YEAH!

Even if things are a bit rocky again this year, that’s perfectly fine. I will choose to look at whatever situation I’m in from a positive perspective, highlighting what’s good and expecting the uncomfortable to propel me to further greatness, courage, empowerment and strength. STATEMENT: I’m an over comer and you are, too.


Although you may not be a teacher, this year will bring you a challenge.

You are either in one, going into one or coming out of it.

Either way, you will excel and beat the odds. This year will be great. It’s definitely the year of YES! Thank you so much, Shonda Rhimes, for being such an inspiration to me during my writing experiences.

You start this year strong by taking into consideration a few of these things:

  • Always keep God first
  • Believe in your purpose
  • Dispell negative thoughts
  • Eat chocolate & carmel
  • Keep good company
  • Stay organized
  • Stay focused
  • Initiate a passion project…or 2
  • Love yourself
  • Pray
  • Slay
  • Follow your heart


My son is…

Already so excited about starting the school. He is a very resilient child and loves making friends. By the way, I just love the line up of programs and activities for him that are offered at the school.

I’m so proud because…

Today he tells me he wants to be an architect and a pilot. He says he is open to multi-tasking and being a leader in society. I’m so thankful that my life sets an example for him so that he can aspire to be greater than me. He has such an open mind and believes already in limitless possibilities. This, my friends, makes me a proud mama!

Parents, especially you single moms raising boys’ overseas and beyond, let me share a post with you that I shared on my FB page the other day:

Set an exemplary example that your kids can admire but expect an even greater outcome from them. Involve them in experiences that will elevate their minds and create deeper thought perspectives. Let your current ambitions inspire them to become courageous leaders with limitless boundaries. This is our future and it’s imperative that we continuously cultivate minds of greatness!!!

I gotta have a word with you

I want to wish all of the teachers out there a highly successful year filled with positive vibes, success, progress, abundance and a kick ass school year. May you be granted all that you need to help you excel as the rock star teacher that you are!

As far as your children- Keep on uplifting, sharing, inspiring, motivating, encouraging and educating them because they are our future and we need to make sure that we keep this generation on top of the world!

Personal reflection

I have good vibes about this year. I know that God has our backs, no matter the scenario. I’ve grown professionally this year and know that this experience has truly opened my eyes to the achievable dreams that at a set time in my life only existed as figments of my imagination. I’m grateful and beyond words toward my outlook on life as I know it. God has shown his hand in my life on multiple occasions here in Kampala. I know that from this point, the only way to go from here is up. I know that the only option is to put my best foot forward to achieve a significant amount of greatness like no other.

Love ya, suga!

the best is yet to come



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