Nervous? Not I…

This weekend, I participated in a compulsory work training on a new concept for primary students called talk for writing. It was quite informative and very new to me. Actually, since the British National curriculum is one that I’m not as familiar with, I find ways to compare and contrast it to the highly familiar American system, although I haven’t officially taught it in over 3.5 years.

Since it was an overnight retreat sponsored by my school, we had the opportunity to hang out a bit, enjoy the sights and the serene atmosphere. ( I sound like some travel mag…geesh). 

I highly recommend a visit or even a stay at this lovely resort if you’re ever in Kampala. This place would definitely be on my list of must stays if I were you…not saying that you asked for my opinion but…

So, this is my last official weekend before the start of a highly anticipated school year. Every year, I’m nervous as hell. Don’t ask me why. I guess it’s the unexpected or the fear of the unknown. What if the kids don’t like me. Are the parents crazy like the previous year? Can I live up to all of my expectations? What if my kids don’t succeed? Every year, I’m shaking in my boots at the thought of a new year. Well, for some ridiculously odd reason, I’m not that nervous about tomorrow. Is it because I know half of the kids in my class already? Is it due to the fact that I have a great team to work with? Maybe I’ve gained a notch of confidence that I didn’t have before and am well aware of my strengths. Maybe I’m extra confident in my abilities to start this year with a bang.

Scratch the “maybe’s”- I’m ready for the new year to begin and to encourage these new students of mine to excel like rock stars.

Let me just keep it really real- I think it has a whole heck of a lot well…practically EVERYTHING to do with the fact that I’m more settled and at peace. Christion is with me and  I know what to expect since my experience last year, coupled with the fact that I have a better understanding of my goals as an educator. I promise you…I’m not nervous. No, lovelies…I’m not. 🙂

I think the other main factor has so much to do with my personal life. I have so much that I’m working toward that it’s almost overwhelming. I’m in the process of writing a book, building my personal website, crafting out a non-profit idea that I’ve been sitting on for years and helping my son adjust to life in Uganda. Stay tuned for more on all that.

Either way,  I’m ready to move forward with the expectations of a positive outcome.

Let’s get it!

If you’re like me, starting a new school year tomorrow, I wish you the best.

I’d also love to hear about your first day jitters or triumphs.

Many blessings!

dont give up

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