In the midst of it all…

 The last few weeks have been quite an adjustment.

  • My son started a new school
  • I have a new class with much smaller numbers
  • I’ve moved into a new apartment
  • and…well the list goes on. 

In the midst of it all, I still try to find time to teach, parent, read, write, plan, search, discover, create….oh, and that list goes on and on, too. 

How’s the adjustment? 

 I think my son is doing an amazing job. I appreciate the international community feel because it allows him to discover new ideas from a global perspective in a more hands on type of way. Uganda has a way of doing that to you.  The most important thing I have to keep at the forefront is reminding him of who he is because that image can easily be distorted in the swarm of various shades and nationalities at an international school. 

Random reflections…

So, I have been walking to and from school. More often than not, I find this experience to be enlightening, connecting and therapeutic. Why? Well, I’m not only getting a workout in on the sly but I’m also making connections with my community indirectly. Besides, my trip home wouldn’t be the same without a random chicken or goat running across the road, some boda boda guy offering a ride or a driver zipping past in haste.

Christion originally felt that the walk was soooo long, mundane and …boring. Boring? Nah…not with the random goat walking past! However, just the other day, he raced home with his friends and actually told me he liked walking! Come again? 

This exposure was needed because after living in the UAE and the US, the luxuries and conveniences of a car and all other niceties associated were somehow expected. Well, according to one of my last posts, this was supposed to happen (the car buying thing) but you know how the money story goes.

Either way, I’m doing what I feel is best: connecting him bit by bit to the Ugandan community. This is where he lives so it’s even more appropriate to integrate him into the daily happenings outside of the international school community he’s growing so accustomed to.

Oh and…

I’m also staying on him about being more committed to school. Over the past year, he’s developed more of a lax approach, something that is extremely discouraged in my house, however, he is finally coming to the light on the importance of maintaining a strict homework and reading routine at home. I become overjoyed when we come home and he shows an interest and committment toward reading. YES!

About that school thing…

Since we are just starting out, Christion is beginning to gain new traction at his school by developing a sense of belonging, finding new friends and really understanding how the international school community culture really works. There are new curriculum expectations, friends from every corner of the world and a different meaning to “extra-curricular” activities. I am not aware that any of his other schools had the same caliber of extra curricular program options as this one. For this, I’m grateful! As a black mama, I will have to stay close to his teacher though simply because of the assumed notion, mainly from Europeans, that black children, especially from the States, have a lower ability to learn. There goes that (let’s dump all black children here)  box just floating around…Well, my son doesn’t fit into anyone’s assumed box, hunny!

In the midst of it all…

As I sit back and actively observe, participate and guide Christion, I realize that this is all a process. In time, it will all come together.  I’m appreciative of the growth thus far and the insight I’ve received from other parents in the know who have gone through this process time and again. I am so happy and more at peace because he is here with me. I can’t believe how much stress I was under last year. I’m looking at my body and how I feel…what a change. Stress can truly affect you so make sure that you seek help, if needed, and always be true to self in the interim.

I accredit my perceivable sanity from those observing to be a reflection of who God is in my life, even in the midst of it all. 

Our future matters. Our children matter. Their voice matters.

Until next time, be blessed!

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