Dear black people, before you go…


Since the shocking election of Donald Trump, I’ve been hearing so many black expats AND the rest of us who aspire to travel say they are leaving the country indefinitely or staying put in their overseas locations.

Now, if anyone is down for trying out the overseas experience, it’s me.  Chile look, I’m in my fourth year overseas and I must say that it’s been beyond an amazing experience.  I simply can’t put into words, a video post or any other heartfelt message how moving abroad for 4 years has absolutely changed my life. In fact, I strongly encourage black people to travel more abroad, especially to the continent. Hell, you may even decide to live here like me and for that, I send my love.

Now, for those of us who have made our abroad homes temporary or permanent, that’s simply your business and such an outstanding feat so big ups to you.

However, for the rest of us, moving abroad may not necessarily be an option and shouldn’t be our only plan of action in the wake of what’s happening around the nation.

Now is not the time to give up on the progress that we’ve made thus far or underestimate what are ancestors have done before us because of Trump’s appalling win.

His thoughts toward the black community and white supremacy is nothing new nor is it anything less than what we’ve experienced both abroad and in the USA.  It’s obvious that white people automatically feel more entitled than every before since Trump’s defeat. They feel more emboldened to proclaim their white privilege loud and clear, confident that their actions won’t receive recognizable consequences.

Really people? Really?

I’ve read about the most ridiculous acts of stupidity from white people over the last week which goes to show you their real character flaws.

Since Donald trump is in office, those with the supremacy mindset feel that it is okay to remove their “hoods” so they can freely oppress, bully and demise other nationalities.  It is a cowardly act if you ask me. Quite frankly, anytime someone continuously inflicts hate on a group of people to express dominance and power is obviously due to an apparent insecurity. When a group has never had anything to begin with and has a history of taking from everyone else, we realize that it is their despicable nature.

Check out my latest You Tube video about this same exact topic.


Besides, African people were in the Americas well before they supposedly found it…go figure.

The idea of infiltrating scare tactics around the nation in the form of white supremacy  is something they’ve been doing for centuries as a way to conquer and divide.

This election simple revealed that the people who you shake hands with and pass on fake smiles to aren’t who they appear…(Wake up)!

These said people are finally showing their true colors so this shouldn’t be too much of a shock to you, right?

What we can do is continue to:

STAND in unity

EDUCATE our communities

EMPOWER our people to keep moving forward toward success, sustainability and growth

PLAN and prepare


ENLIGHTEN our future generations.

Let’s face it. We can’t all move abroad…

The cruel fact of the matter is white supremacy is everywhere, not just in the States.

I’ve experienced more white supremacy living in Africa than in the States.


Because white people know they can inflict their power, dammit! It’s the same narrative.

Between the house help, drivers, and gardeners…caregivers-the white people are sucking it up here and getting away with it without a fight.

They simply can’t stand my ass because I see right through the bullshit and know all so well the real reason why they mainly decide to “move to Africa” in the first place.

The white people in the States who believe in that white supremacy point of view want us to feel defeated, angry, upset…and fearful, something that we just won’t do.


They would love more than anything for us to “give up”, “run back to Africa” and just shut the hell up.


Soooo, before you leave (or if I’ve somehow convinced you to stay), here’s what you can actively do besides simply praying about it or cussing out Trump and all other white people you see behind closed doors:

  • Become a mentor and empower a black youth.
  • Think of ways to bridge the gaps in your community (They need you really bad).
  • Get active in community and local government relations, if possible.
  • Build YOUR OWN business or support another one that’s BLACK owned.
  • Generate your own income.
  • Keep speaking, standing, supporting and smiling.

Of course, there is always more to be done so if you can add to this list, comment below.

We as black people need a plan and that involves our collective support, strength and advocacy toward black people and communities, both nationally and globally. Running from it all is not the solution to this epidemic. We simply can’t resort to that as our ONLY option.

Yes, this new president Trump may be shameful in most of our brown eyes but shit happens, this is a system controlled by racist goons because white supremacy is very much alive and active…

Now, if you’re busy “cooning” to look good in front of massa, get off this blog quick, fast and in a hurry because you my friend, are apart of the problem. Shoo!

Guess what!

My plan is to move back to the States soon…DEFINITELY NOT  because of everything that has taken place but…geesh…I miss family! I want to settle down, by a house, go back to school, get a career advancement, get found by my future boo husband…yada yada.

Oh, aaaaannnnndddd I have a goal to do some really big things which involve black American youth. I’m excited! Get ready!

So before you think about moving away, try to see the opportunity in all these shenanigans.

There are opportunities for unification, empowerment, educational enrichment and a chance to keep moving forward. Our time is now. Wake up. God didn’t just allow this to happen.

We are a people of power, strength and resilience and no Trump election or anything else will keep us down.



6 thoughts on “Dear black people, before you go…

  1. eddiestarofficial says:

    Thank you for this post, Expat. You already know what the hell is going on. I loved this post. There is no place in the world where there isn’t white supremacy. Preach sista. If I’m for anything, its black empowerment. Its a lot of black people out in the States who refuse to do the things you’ve said, because they are so dependent on white supremacy that they don’t want to separate themselves from it. That is the true fear about Trump. They are afraid that white ppl won’t hide their racism. Damn I loved this post. Other people in the world see how jacked up things are, except us.


  2. Ms. Black Expat says:

    Thank you, Eddie, for your comment. Yea, it really frustrates me to see so many black people running from it all because of their fear of white supremacy. That can’t continue to happen. I thank you for your comment and always supporting this blog. Much love to you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. M.G. Piety says:

    I really like the sentiment here. Not ALL white people are racists, though. If we are going to move forward on issues of race, then we must ALL work together, black AND white (the ones of use who are not racist, I mean, or at least not really overtly, consciously racist, you know what I mean).


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