Dear Asthma, Leave Him Alone!

I’m back in the United States.

Spur of the moment? Nah! Planned? Not exactly. Consideration? Yea, I can say it was definitely something I’d been considering ever since the breathing issues occurred. What breathing issues, you ask? Can you believe it! My son has experienced the craziest episodes with Asthma over the last few months since moving to Uganda with me.

What’s even crazier is the fact that he never had any blaring Asthma symptoms before other than the occasional upper respiratory infections and an annoying cough over the summer.

I was quite surprised shocked by his sudden symptoms. I’d taken him to one doctor who couldn’t suggest anything but an inhaler. The other one wasn’t any better other than the fact that he clarified, through a blatant response, that Kampala is the WORST place for Asthmatics. Don’t you think I would have taken more precaution had I known that my son was considered an Asthmatic? Do you really think I would have put my son in harm’s way? Life is is unpredictable but I’m grateful for God’s unfailing provisions over our life.

 (You have no idea what onions it may bring so instead of crying over them, make a delicious casserole…completely random but you get the point).

I can admit that this past summer, he suffered from this cough that wouldn’t cease. I thought it was quite unusual for him to have a lingering cough, especially after a whole bottle of syrup. Then, I knew that the common cold wasn’t the issue.

Of course, as any concerned mama would do, I took him to the doctor to get “checked out” and at that time, they informed me that high ragweed and mold counts in the Las Vegas area, which is where we were staying at the time, caused these Asthmatic symptoms. You mean this cough is a symptom of Asthma? Ummm…Duh! I didn’t realize Asthma was something that I ever had to deal with. Gosh golly wow! What’s next? We get the inhalers, the nebulizer the fluids…THE-

I was prepared, right? Well, at least in the interim.

I took him to Uganda a few weeks later regardless, not aware that a particular allergen, which is still unbeknownst to me, causes my boy to have sporadic Asthma attacks or what I  judiciously call episodes.



It’s a mother’s worst nightmare to sit in the nurse’s office at school or in the urgent aid care room with your child who says, “My chest is tight” or “I can’t take a full breath” and even “I can’t get air in my lungs”. Sleepless nights are my dilemma. Anxiety Attacks are my new norm…Thee worst!

So after 2 attacks, my red flag was way up. What the hell am I to do? Here I am, in Uganda with no reasonable medical attention, faulty insurance, no family and a son who tells me he can’t breathe on occasion after a physical exercise. Get this- The episodes are sporadic as hell. I can’t pin point the day, time, or environment, for that matter.

It. Just. Happens…and the shit is scary as a___________________ (fill in whatever expletive idiom you want). 

Moving forward, especially after the 4th episode just two weeks back, I told myself that traveling home for further medical attention, peace of mind and family support during this time would be the most reasonable approach to this unprecedented reality I’ve been facing.

Being overseas has its benefits; however, the worst feeling is helplessness and concern for the health of your child. Children are a blessing from God. I can’t believe that I contemplated seeking further care for my son to appease “random” souls who don’t give a rat’s ass regardless. Long story and I’ll definitely explain later after I sip this cup of Ginger Peach Chai and thank God for favor, covering, wisdom, timeliness, testimony and healing.

I learned throughout this scenario that life is precious, family is everything and health is nothing to give a side eye to. Pay attention to the signs, warnings and do what’s best for your unique situation.

Do you or anyone you know suffer with Asthma? If so, please share your story in the comments.


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