Update: WE moved…pt. 1

Hey Blogger peeps!

Happy New Year to you!

I hate to be the carrier of such horrific news but uh…I moved back to the States. Yup. In this Trump era coupled with an unsettling political climate, I had to do the damn thang. Why, you ask? Well, stay tuned for my next post which will give you a bit more insight. I’m just sharing so you wouldn’t be completely out of the loop on what the heck is going on in my life…

I know that I may lose some of you and I completely understand. Although I plan to continue to blog about my experiences, especially the transition back to the States and how that’s working out, I know a lot of you mainly follow me due to my travels abroad and living in Uganda, hence my name, Ms. Black Expat.

I know, I know. Life goes on but this, my friend, has been such a hard transition for me. Slowly, things are picking up and the pieces are getting back in order.


I believe in divine purpose and God’s timing so there’s no doubt that I’m here for such a time as this.

This blog was birthed due to the fact that I lived abroad and so many people speculated about my journey, experiences and insight. I loved it. The focus will be different, no doubt. I’d love for you to continue to ride along on this journey with me as I get adjusted back to a normal state of being…no pun intended.

I am forever grateful for all the opportunities that I’ve been afforded as well as the growth, ambition, purpose and vision that I’ve developed. I’ve found myself, what a lost lady I was, developed a greater relationship with God and even stepped out on faith numerous times because that’s what life is about, right? Either way, I took bold steps to live the life I truly desired and I did that thing, void hesitation. I’m lying…I was so hesitant in the beginning but I didn’t let it halt my parade. I pushed past my anxiety and just did it. I know it sounds cliché, but that’s how you have to survive. Trust and believe that God will see you through whatever adversity you are going through. I am a living witness and testament of this theory.

I’m a go getter and what I want is mine. I guess that also plays into the fact that I’m the baby in the family, too. lol

This next season of my life will be filled with just the same amount of boldness, courage, adventure and admiration for life except I’ll be stationed in the States. More opportunities will develop, networking relationships will be in abundance,  family connections will grow and a more stable environment will be available for my son. I love it! That’s life…and all is well with my soul.

Drop me a line or two. I hope this doesn’t mean that it’s the end between me and you. Believe me, I have way more to share on this blog. Life has a way of keeping me on my toes…and I hope it’s doing the same for you.


Love ya! Thanks for being there with me along this journey.


8 thoughts on “Update: WE moved…pt. 1

  1. Jon-Maria Ramseur says:

    Hi Ms Black Expat, I found you when I was researching for my own desire and need to step out on faith and take my passion for teaching abroad. I too have a child who I will take with me. You inspired me to the utmost and I am feeling the same feelings you expressed in the reasons why you left the US. No matter that you have moved back to the states… you are leaving me with a plethora of experiences and I hope you will continue to blog. I need courageous women like you in my life right now. You have created a path for others to follow. We need to know and hear about your experiences whatever they may be. My current situation… waiting to fly out to San Francisco to see if I can kick start my own journey at the International Fair in February. I have many anxieties and emotions going on right now. Wondering if this is the right move for my daughter right now who is eleven. Many questions I keep asking myself over and over and again. It could flop… or it could be the best thing that I ever did in my life. Something inside me won’t stop… won’t give in Is this a terrible idea? It’s like that saying… “The only thing more impossible than leaving…is staying” Welcome home and thank you Ms. Black Expat you are my inspiration, Jon-Maria Ramseur

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    • Ms. Black Expat says:

      Wow! This is so amazing! I’m grateful and thankful for all that you’ve said. Your words have also inspired me to continue along with this journey of blogging and sharing my story. Like you, I also struggled with making decisions on whether or not I want to relocate. If there is still this burning desire, follow your heart. I am so glad that I didn’t eventually talk myself out of it. I am so thankful that I went. Now, I won’t lie…challenges are many and the frustrations will be in full effect. Don’t let that discourage you. What you will get out of the experience surpasses any challenges. I say go for it. Your daughter will experience so much that the world has to offer. Now, from a practicality standpoint, you do have to take into consideration the father, family circumstance and her peers. My son was only 6 when we left so the family and friend ties weren’t a strong. I knew that as he got older, I wanted to provide a more stable environment for him. Eventually, we will make our way back to the other side but until then, life will continue and everything will work out! Thank you for taking the time to write to me. I always appreciate and welcome comments, although I may not get to them as fast as I would like. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to me if you have anymore questions, concerns or comments. I hope your New Year has been and will continue to be blessed!


  2. Teri says:

    Hope your move is going smoothly. This is life, it happens while we are making plans. Time for a new journey in which I am sure you will continue to be blessed in. We are still here for you sister-you have a great deal of wisdom to share that we appreciate and look forward to receiving regardless of your physical location. Plus, your writing skills are always on point!


    • Ms. Black Expat says:

      Hey Terri! Thank you so much for your wonderful words of encouragement. You are amazing!

      You know, this journey is what it is. We can’t force it…but just allow it to be. I’m grateful for the transition in a sense because its allowing me to really understand that life is all about change. It’s a mindset thing and what we do with our present situation really makes the difference. I’m back in the states now and although it isn’t my desired location, God has already placed on my heart some exciting ideas which I plan to execute this year. I have to slap fear in the face and stomp on contemplation, self-doubt and shame all confusion. Girl, it will be a year of empowerment and strength! I pray that you are well and that you have started the New Year off right. Thank you always for your support on this blog. Your heartfelt words and love are definitely felt and I appreciate all of your contributions thus far! Be blessed!


  3. Tabitha Bakare says:

    I still look forward to following your journey. Girl, I saw your video just yesterday on “Just do it!”And I wanted to let you know, that your words needed to be heard and they were received. It is time to believe in everything you said, yourself, God, and in your actions. May you have a happy and abundantly blessed 2017!


    • Ms. Black Expat says:

      Hey Tabitha! Sorry for the delay. This repatriation isn’t for the faint. So much to do to get myself back on track. Thank you for commenting on this video. I so appreciate you! It means so much to hear that you’ve received something from it. I plan on posting more motivation moving forward so stay tuned!

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  4. xandramarshall says:

    Hello beautiful spirit! Do continue your blog. I’m sure there are many like myself who will continue to follow regardless. You were an inspiration.
    I’m also back in the US. Did you get me a mug? You know you have to go back and get it 🙂


    • Ms. Black Expat says:

      Hey girly! Great hearing from you! I will continue to do it but from a different angle…more in relation to my experiences here in the States. I need to get my head wrapped around that idea. It is alot to relocate but I’m pretty sure my experiences will help someone else, too. Ha ha…on the mug. I got you boo!
      Much love to you and your family! Are you based in NY now?


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