My story

Living life to the fullest…one country at a time…!

This space allows me to share my experiences, thoughts, opinions, testimonies, awakenings and purpose while living abroad!


A bit about me…

I consider myself an inquisitive soul, ambitious about exploring the possibilities of life.

Traveling abroad is one of those necessary adventures that I needed to take to jumpstart my destiny! Because of this fearless adventure, many doors were opened, hence my reason for starting this blog!

From my perspective, I am living a dream. To some it may be an ordinary part of life and for others an extraordinary feat. All that matters in the end is that you live life to your fullest potential, break down barriers and become a game changer!



Contrary to stereotypical beliefs…

As a 30 “something” African American woman, life has had moments when I didn’t know which way was up or down. Let’s face it- I am a single, black mother. Although this is a simple statement, you can obviously read between the lines. Naturally, my world is filled with adversity, extreme challenges, misunderstandings and more…but…I’m here! I made it and I’m living the life I admired from a distance.

I am a serious advocate, however, for encouraging other ambitious, travel conscious women of color to expand their territory beyond pre-set limitations. We can always do better for ourselves. Strive for your true purpose! I am a living witness that life happens. It is how you handle it that truly matters.



I’m approaching my 4th year overseas! Woot! Woot!

Although I am faced with daily personal, emotional, mental challenges abroad, I wouldn’t replace my current reality for the world (literally). New cultures, environments, people, languages, food, experiences…this is life and life…is good! You should definitely give it a try.

Don’t let the small stuff stop you from achieving your dreams!

I didn’t listen to everyone or take all advice given. I even avoided the crowd and what people thought I was supposed to be. I ignored the accusations of being selfish and too extreme and stayed focused. I avoided the urge to simply…quit. It’s so easy to give up rather than staying on a straight and narrow path, especially when you have many people against your calling or who don’t understand your purpose.

Your purpose is NOT for everyone to understand. You have to believe in yourself and know that God has your back regardless of what you see in front of you!

Now, I’m here in a space of clarity, understanding, favor, self-admiration and dream exploration. My life is extremely far from perfect. Hindsight is 20/20 and I have come a very LONG way in terms of fulfilling my purpose in life. Matter of fact, it’s a constant pursuit! All those visions, dreams and ideas are all possible!

Change your mind, change your life!

The purpose of this space is to encourage, enlighten, motivate and inspire YOU to expand your life and live it to the fullest!




Geographical location…

I relocated to Kampala, Uganda a year ago. Oh boy, I can write 3 books on how my fear, anxiety and trepidation literally almost took my life!

Although it was a huge, life-changing decision, I believe that I’m in the right place. There is something about taking chances and going on adventures of the unknown that grow fear and contemplation on top of interest and excitement.

Travel is in my spirit!

Mommyhood is my first duty…

While I’m on this side of the pond, I decided it would be outstanding to travel to the “other” parts of the world that always seemed unreachable. Also, I had the opportunity to expose my 9-year old son to so many travel opportunities.

This has been a priceless experience for many reasons because as a young, black boy in this society, exposure will be the key to expanding his mindset and elevating his potential. grow his mindset to unimaginable heights.



This blog is a reflection of my experiences and enjoyment of the culture.

How in the heck did I end up…abroad???

A little over 6 years ago, I decided to explore options of teaching abroad. I volunteered in Tres Rios, Costa Rica for about 2 weeks in 2010 to see what it was like. Ever since, I have been hooked on getting back to a place to traveling abroad. I have been teaching in Uganda for a year now and prior to that, I taught in the UAE for two years. Of course, I started my teaching career in the U.S. which is why I am so thankful to be able to enlighten so many others with my experience. I love it so much that I have started consulting other teachers in Uganda!

If you are considering a career in teaching and want to live abroad, go for it!

My final words…

My dream of travel, living abroad and seeing the world has finally come to fruition. An amazing wonder. The world is truly God’s piece of work. I deem it as a blessing to have the opportunity to bask in its splendor, explore, live and enjoy life. This has been one  amazing journey thus far!

My advice to you- Stay focused. Live your dreams, whatever they may be!

Motto:  See the world. Live your dreams. Live life to the fullest!


God bless and thank you for your visit!