Somebody’s watching…

I rarely ever post messages of this type on this blog. For inspiration, I usually post to my personal website blog. goes. Never forget how far you've come, where you going and what you aspire to be. Just when you thought it was over...please know that... Somebody's watching you. They are inspired by your … Continue reading Somebody’s watching…

He is finally here!

This time last year I was in tears. I was so fearful of the unknown and sad about the distance. I broke down on several occasions and wanted to run to the nearest airport and give up. I felt guilty, alone and insecure about my decision of leaving my son behind. What I didn't know at … Continue reading He is finally here!

Disadvantages to raising black children abroad

If you read my last post, I highlighted some of the benefits of raising African-American children overseas. In hindsight, I’ve also experienced situations that weren’t so pleasant. They were more like stark splashes of reality that kept my third eye open and aware. This post is about some of the disadvantages to raising African-American children … Continue reading Disadvantages to raising black children abroad

A special thank you message to all my followers!

I want to personally thank each and every reader of this blog. Because of your visits, likes, views and follows, I continuously stay encouraged and keep pushing along on this arduous yet totally rewarding writing journey. Honestly, 2015 has been quite a journey in my life, rife with challenges, triumphs and new beginnings. I, however, decided … Continue reading A special thank you message to all my followers!