Why I feel more “balanced” after visiting Lake Kivu

So sorry for the delay in this post but the last two weeks have been filled with the fury of  report writing! Woo Hoo! How exciting! Anyways! The final leg of my very short trip involved a very scenic drive to Lake Kivu which is about 4 hours north-west of Kigali. I always appreciate road … Continue reading Why I feel more “balanced” after visiting Lake Kivu

Video Q& A…Life in Uganda

Heeeeyyy! Ever so often, I link my You Tube videos to my blog so that both platforms can be well-informed about the latest happenings in my world, especially as it pertains to the Ms. Black Expat arena. Well, I just uploaded another video to my You Tube Channel and I want to make sure you have a chance to … Continue reading Video Q& A…Life in Uganda

Don’t give up!

The last week of school...ahhhh. What can I say... I made it. I know, I can give you the infamous woe is me speech but I won't. Initially, I doubted my capability to handle the transition, primarily from an emotional perspective since I knew that my son wouldn’t be joining me this year. I tell … Continue reading Don’t give up!