Video: Why I left…pt. 2

Hey peeps! I miss you already! So, as promised, here's a video about my thoughts, feelings or shall I say the story behind this new repatriation back to the U.S. Oh, you didn't get the memo? Shocked!   I've posted it all across social media and umm...well you all were the first to know. In … Continue reading Video: Why I left…pt. 2

Update: WE moved…pt. 1

Hey Blogger peeps! Happy New Year to you! I hate to be the carrier of such horrific news but uh...I moved back to the States. Yup. In this Trump era coupled with an unsettling political climate, I had to do the damn thang. Why, you ask? Well, stay tuned for my next post which will … Continue reading Update: WE moved…pt. 1

Dear black people, before you go…

Ms. Black Expat


Since theshocking election of Donald Trump, I’ve been hearing so many black expats AND the rest of us who aspire to travel say they are leaving the country indefinitely or staying put in their overseas locations.

Now, if anyone is down for trying out the overseas experience, it’s me.  Chile look, I’m in my fourth year overseas and I must say that it’s been beyond an amazing experience.  I simply can’t put into words, a video post or any other heartfelt message how moving abroad for 4 years has absolutely changed my life. In fact, I strongly encourage black people to travel more abroad, especially to the continent. Hell, you may even decide to live here like me and for that, I send my love.

Now, for those of us who have made our abroad homes temporary or permanent, that’s simply your business and such an outstanding feat…

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Do you feel “stuck”in your International Community?

    Like most international communities, people are very transient. One day you see them and the next  their gone. No, not dead necessarily but perhaps off to the next international destination or maybe back home.  Well, with the transient mood in most places comes complacency and the blindness of the reality of the community … Continue reading Do you feel “stuck”in your International Community?