What are you waiting for!

I don't regret any of the decisions I have made to travel. It has opened up doors, windows-whatever you want to use as an example to illustrate what makes my life undeniably awesome. No I’m not boasting at all. It is inevitable that I’m proud of my accomplishments and the fact that I didn’t give up hope … Continue reading What are you waiting for!

Why the UAE?

I have always had this overwhelming interest to work and live overseas. It may have developed from the time I visited Spain and Portugal for a few weeks when I was 15 or maybe it was from the potential opportunity I considered in Australia during my 8th grade year. Whatever it was, I knew that … Continue reading Why the UAE?

Unexpected situations

A few weeks ago, an unfortunate incident occurred in Abu Dhabi that claimed the life of a fellow teacher. This horrific event left the entire expatriate community in the United Arab Emirates, especially Americans, anxious and speculative about their overall safety. For more information about this incident, click here. Immediately following the news, I personally felt uncomfortable and wanted to be home around all … Continue reading Unexpected situations