So I decided…

Bringing my son has been the topic of conversation in my head for the last 6 months or so. Yes, at times, I do talk to myself, who doesn't? Honestly speaking, I try to channel those thoughts to God, however, I'm human so I slip at times. Maybe it's not meant for him Initially, there … Continue reading So I decided…

Oh dear class….Thank you!: My life in Uganda

The primary reason for my move to Uganda was not just to quench my wander lust but to continue to enhance my teaching career...from another international perspective. I won't go into the specific details on how I acquired this position or what led me to Uganda. However, if you just can't help yourself to know more about … Continue reading Oh dear class….Thank you!: My life in Uganda

Day 1 in Dehli: Barking dogs, Spicy food and sign language!

I decided to spend my vacation in New Dehli, India! What a fascinating place filled with history, culture, hustle and millions of people. The landscape isn't visually appealing to most. For me, however, I thought it was absolutely amazing! I traveled with my son and a friend and her son. We arrived to the busy Indira Gandhi International airport, … Continue reading Day 1 in Dehli: Barking dogs, Spicy food and sign language!

Unexpected situations

A few weeks ago, an unfortunate incident occurred in Abu Dhabi that claimed the life of a fellow teacher. This horrific event left the entire expatriate community in the United Arab Emirates, especially Americans, anxious and speculative about their overall safety. For more information about this incident, click here. Immediately following the news, I personally felt uncomfortable and wanted to be home around all … Continue reading Unexpected situations