He is finally here!

This time last year I was in tears. I was so fearful of the unknown and sad about the distance. I broke down on several occasions and wanted to run to the nearest airport and give up. I felt guilty, alone and insecure about my decision of leaving my son behind. What I didn't know at … Continue reading He is finally here!

I’m back with my baby!

I'm back with my baby!!!   Thank you for all the well wishes, prayers and words of encouragement. I can't believe we were away from each other for such a long time...but God is good and we back together and at it again. Already, this summer has been chock full of "stuff"- family visits, sightseeing-you … Continue reading I’m back with my baby!

Don’t give up!

The last week of school...ahhhh. What can I say... I made it. I know, I can give you the infamous woe is me speech but I won't. Initially, I doubted my capability to handle the transition, primarily from an emotional perspective since I knew that my son wouldn’t be joining me this year. I tell … Continue reading Don’t give up!

Disadvantages to raising black children abroad

If you read my last post, I highlighted some of the benefits of raising African-American children overseas. In hindsight, I’ve also experienced situations that weren’t so pleasant. They were more like stark splashes of reality that kept my third eye open and aware. This post is about some of the disadvantages to raising African-American children … Continue reading Disadvantages to raising black children abroad

Interview exclusive: The power of the spoken word…

I recently interviewed Murray Shiraz, a spoken word enthusiast in Kampala. I met Murray through a Facebook connect before arriving here due to my interest in developing productive relationships with intellectually motivated individuals who have a direct and positive impact on the empowerment of the Kampala community. Through his culture awareness, youth appreciation and love … Continue reading Interview exclusive: The power of the spoken word…