Video: Why I left…pt. 2

Hey peeps! I miss you already! So, as promised, here's a video about my thoughts, feelings or shall I say the story behind this new repatriation back to the U.S. Oh, you didn't get the memo? Shocked!   I've posted it all across social media and umm...well you all were the first to know. In … Continue reading Video: Why I left…pt. 2

I felt the earthquake from Tanzania!

If you were in Uganda, Tanzania or even Kenya around 3:30 p.m. (Uganda time) on Saturday, September 10th, you probably felt some of the effects of the 5.7 (some websites are saying 5.9) magnitude earthquake. The day before September 11th...15 years later. Hmmm...crazy, right? Wow! The earth really shook! This is my first earthquake experience … Continue reading I felt the earthquake from Tanzania!

Don’t give up!

The last week of school...ahhhh. What can I say... I made it. I know, I can give you the infamous woe is me speech but I won't. Initially, I doubted my capability to handle the transition, primarily from an emotional perspective since I knew that my son wouldn’t be joining me this year. I tell … Continue reading Don’t give up!

Disadvantages to raising black children abroad

If you read my last post, I highlighted some of the benefits of raising African-American children overseas. In hindsight, I’ve also experienced situations that weren’t so pleasant. They were more like stark splashes of reality that kept my third eye open and aware. This post is about some of the disadvantages to raising African-American children … Continue reading Disadvantages to raising black children abroad