Food for thought

Culture day at my son’s school took place on Thursday of last week. I arrived late due to the fact that I needed to solidify some lesson planning with a new teacher who didn’t have any idea about what to teach for the following week. As a side note, I love to train new teachers because I know how it is as a newbie. So much to learn, believe me.

Oh boy, it was 11 am! Time for me to get out of there. Thinking it wouldn’t start on time, I started my journey to Christion’s school a tad bit behind schedule….okay, okay 30 minutes behind schedule. Sheesh!

Once I arrived at Christion’s school, I heard the principal making an announcement about how nice the program was and taking the opportunity to thank all the parents in attendance.



Oh No! I missed my son’s class performance! Boy, was I a bit upset about that. The life of a busy mom and teacher. I tried, I really did. Christion was a little upset. Of course, I told him how proud I was of his accomplishments.

Immediately outside of the auditorium, they had fellowship time. Tables of food were everywhere with various types from all over the world. I saw food from South America, Africa, Asia, Middle East and even the United States! I was in for a real treat! In the meantime, my son decided to go back to his class to hang out with his friends for a bit. I don’t blame him. He is an extremely picky eater, which I’ve learned to adjust to. Plus, with the peanut allergy, I am always cautious about feeding him things that I haven’t a clue about.


I, on the other hand, decided to stuff my face.


The food was quite delish! I enjoyed cuisine from all countries represented and had the chance to mix and mingle with some of the other parents there. It was a great networking opportunity!

One thing I can honestly take away from all this, besides a full stomach, is the fact that different people, from all over the world, can positively come together for the same purpose: Educating our children.


Living overseas has given me the option to live outside the box  by making room to socialize with people from everywhere you can think of!

The UAE is seriously a melting pot.



Although I missed Christion’s performance, I know my heart. They will have another one soon.


Always make time for your children. Celebrate with your children.

You can start by attending their events, celebrating their accomplishments, supporting their dreams, inspiring their goals, and appreciating their milestones!

Culture Day was more than a foodie event. I actually had the chance to explore, reflect, and relate to this amazing world around me, all at once!


Until next time,


Stay blessed, encouraged and highly favored!




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