Somebody’s watching…

I rarely ever post messages of this type on this blog. For inspiration, I usually post to my personal website blog. So…here goes.

Never forget how far you’ve come, where you going and what you aspire to be. Just when you thought it was over…please know that…

Somebody’s watching you.

They are inspired by your dream, story and ambitions. So, when you start feeling like life challenges are overtaking your purpose, stop to take a breath and reflect. God put you on this path for a reason. Sometimes our journey inspires others, enlightens the world around us and encourages people to live life to the fullest. This seems to be one of my favorite taglines: Live Life to the Fullest!

Don’t give up

You are much farther along than you think. You are closer to fulfilling your travel dreams far more than you could have ever imagined. Go for the unimaginable. Go for what others considered impossible. Stack those passport stamps!


I’m a single mother who:

  • lived on food stamps for a while
  • Fell into severe debt
  • Developed low self-esteem
  • Suffered emotional and mental abuse in romantic relationships
  • Underestimated my worth
  • Passed several opportunities listening to others
  • Compromised my happiness on multiple occasions
  • and….didn’t believe in my dream.

(This is only half of it).

 I didn’t have a clear sense of focus nor did I understand what path I wanted to be on. I didn’t know God as much as I thought and failed to keep a circle around that kept me motivated. Remember, somebody is expecting you to do great things so why not do them?

I couldn’t take it...

I remember crying out to God one night saying that I didn’t want to live my life like this anymore. I wanted to find my purpose. I felt like I was supposed to be doing more than shaking my ass at the club, dating unqualified men and being broke all the time. I was definitely in a situation….a situation indeed. 

Times have changed

I have a story which is not the most pleasant but what’s most important is overcoming those obstacles and finding your purpose in the storm. You have to want to get out of that situation. You have to believe in yourself and understand your worth. If you don’t, who else will?

Now, I’m happy to say that things have definitely changed and I’m finding out daily that my purpose is greater than I’ve ever imagined. I’m challenging myself daily and opening myself up to new opportunities. I believed in my dream.

I share parts of my story to inspire other single moms, women of color or anyone else who aspires to step outside of the “box” and just go for it. I did and have reaped so many benefits. God has been so good to me on this journey.

I had to do it for me…but most of all my son and for those of you who are watching. For those of you who have almost given up hope…don’t. Somebody’s watching…

Until next time!




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