Did he just try to take my money?

Today,  we were out and about looking at cars…again. Yes sir! I am actually serious about this car thing. I repeat. I’m seriously mulling over whether or not I should purchase a car in Uganda. Why can’t I just rent or lease like I did in the UAE? I’m not looking forward to driving in Uganda…here’s why.

Let’s take a step back for a moment. Do you really know what this means for me? This means there is a strong chance that I may become at risk for high blood pressure after having to navigate these streets in Kampala. Have you seen the drivers here?

Oh and…you mean to tell me I need to drive on the left side of the road and the right side of the car??? Get outta here, you pushy sales guy!

car salesman

I must say again and again…this completely obvious American accent can be an extreme disadvantage when trying to do major purchases such as buying a car. It’s like they, as in locals, think you have this wad of money stocked away in your bra.

The car salesman really tried me today. I mean he REALLY tried to get me for all my dimes and pennies by telling me that I need to put a deposit down today without even taking the car. Ummm…No sir! Uhh….no! I know he has tried that ish on someone else but buddy…please, stop the foolishness!

Is it really my fault for being such a horrible negotiator?  I definitely failed in the class, “Car Sales Negotiations: 101” because clearly it’s not my forte. Okay, I digress…

So, the car is a Toyota but the model is not sold in the States. I won’t disclose the model yet until I’m sure about what the heck (research and all) I’m getting. Shhh…(don’t tell anybody but...)I still have a car back home that I’m paying off. What a pity but a girl needs to have some freedom, ya dig? Besides…Toyota has that good resale value…at least I hope.



I passed a ridiculous amount of bodas today. I still refuse to get on the boda with Christion and am definitely not ready to take the risk. Heck, I risked my life way too many times on these things…Thank God for his mercy and grace.

Call me crazy…no call me a completely logical mommy on a mission to do what I can to keep my child safe. Nuff said.



This random post is actually my attempt to maintain focus and consistency on the blog, even if it means sharing daily musings & rants. I might as well put that good ol domain to use, right?

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Until next time, stay blessed and highly favored!



Side note: Our daily grind is not necessarily for us. Sometimes, our story, tears, testimonies and smiles are sparked to inspire, motivate and/or encourage the next soul that’s on an endless journey toward greatness.



6 thoughts on “Did he just try to take my money?

  1. eddiestarofficial says:

    I heard that they actually have a name for people who are black and from America. As far as the dirty car salesman, it is even worse out there because you can read a slimy car salesman’s body language. 😂😂


    • Ms. Black Expat says:

      Yes, they probably have several names for us. In most situations, I have to constantly show them otherwise or else they will depend on the media for creating a more than often fictitious narrative of Black Americans. Now, regarding the car salesman-anytime someone tries to rush me, I know that is a shady deal.

      Liked by 1 person

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