The takeover is real…

Time managment? Priorities?

I didn’t realize how out of whack my priorities were. Just a few months back, I vowed to make a commitment to the different areas of my life, specifically concerning a few long overdue personal ongoing projects. Some of these said projects became distant and obscure  love affairs that were more indefinite by the day while others were indirectly labeled as “least likely to accomplish” quandaries due to an overly long sabbatical. The excuse of not having the time or being too busy became a constant recording in my head that I eventually started to accept and internalize. After a while, I dismissed those lazy thoughts and tried to reinstate with more productive reasonings. Instantaneously, I discovered that it’s not about having too much going on but more about how I prioritized my time.

So what in the heck has been going on with me, you ask?

Well, I’ve been trying my hand at vlogging in addition to fulfilling my call of duty…no not the game…but as a teacher here in Uganda. This job truly has been keeping me on my toes. Between assessments, lesson planning, parent meetings, grading writing journals AND running a drama club-I have been busy keeping myself…well, busy. Oh, and the fun doesn’t stop there – a new relationship is in my forecast, beginner Swahili lessons and a recent trip to Nairobi. On top of that, I am still managing the distance from my son each and every day. I know that he is blessed and well protected but as mothers, we desire to be close to our children. Here is the video of my Nairobi trip that I think you should check out.


So what indirectly omitted blogging out of my world?

So, Let’s get back to this vlogging thing. I started the whole You Tube thing around 2 years back when I started my loc journey. I wanted a platform that would allow me to document my journey, share my story through the world and motivate me to keep going, despite the challenges. I figured if I had this platform, I would be motivated and continuously inspired to keep going on my loc journey. Now, that was the mentality I had 2 years ago. Presently, I’m in love with my locs so I don’t need a vlog, you tube channel, likes, subscribers and the rest of the shenanigans to keep this chick loc-inspired. I’m hooked. I just celebrated  years! Watch my tribute video!


However, I’m still vlogging about other interesting things that are currently keeping my camera mode on the record-setting. Let’s see- I vlog about my life as an African-American woman living in Uganda and all of the nuances, challenges, life changing experiences and whatever else comes to mind during my time here. Here is one of my more popular vlog posts.

Then, get this…I started a talk series. Yea, I know. Sounds corny, right. Well, I did it anyways, despite the playback I was so expecting to receive. This said talk series focuses on self-love, recognition, relationships, life and whatever else comes to mind. It’s slowly coming along and I’m holding on tight to what I told myself when I initiated this thing-If just one person is inspired, then I’ve done my job. I truly felt the Lord was tugging on me to start something like this. So, my hope is to inspire. Encourage. Motivate. Point. Blank. Period. Well…not so abrupt but you get the point. Here is my most recent video for my talk series.


So with all that vlogging and not enough prioritizing, somehow, my blogging fell by the wayside….yeah…wayyyyy aside…if you get my drift. Embarrassingly enough, this is the second time I’ve sent a so-called confession email in regards to my mysterious absence.

My motivation, my determination….

In order for me to cope with my sudden lack of committement to writing, I decided to read other peoples blogs for motivation. This eventually prompted me to reconsider my blog after reading such good writing styles and having the increased feeling of disappointment at my undiagnosed committement phobia disease.

Now, my mindset is all about keeping things in perspective and prioritizing my time more appropriately. Despite the obstacles and challenges, I knew that I needed to get started again.

So I’m making a conscious effort to jump back on the writing bandwagon, one of my first pastime loves, and discover the true art of time commitment, overcoming writers’ block and enriching my path a bit more by sharing my story. I know, easier said than done. But I think I am on to this. If I plan out my week, in between the hustle and bustle of work, vlogging, playtime, and the like…I will somehow find time. NO. Absolutely not. I WILL MAKE THE TIME. Continuously making these  public announcements about my infidelity toward commitment is getting a bit “played out” but I do feel accountable to my readers and I felt that it was necessary to keep you informed on my whereabouts since you’ve been so faithful to me on this blogging journey. Thank you sooo much for that!

So as I end this post, the one central message I’m trying to sensibly squeeze in here and that I’ve been learning is that commitment to yourself is key…whether its through self-care, reflecting on interests, starting projects or simply being you…its extremely compulsory.

“Commitment…I am here….where are you? We need to hook up and get this thing started.” I say to current self.

Let’s meet again very soon right here on the blog. Hoping your day is filled with love, peace and blessings. Until next time,

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